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Gintas Indriliunas is a mobile Personal trainer who has helped hundreds of people to get in shape. Since he became a trainer, he has done over 3000 training sessions. Over his experience he has developed the system which is very effective and which he can adapt to individual needs. Before pursuing a career in his passion for fitness, Gintas gained a degree in Civil Engineering. He brings from that an evidenced-based, scientifically planned approach to training. Bringing together these experiences, he believes results-driven fitness regimes are simply born out of a properly planned balance of three key ingredients: cardio, resistance and eating the right food. Backed of course, by motivation to succeed. Gintas loves his job because he can not only work people hard and see the pain on their faces… but then see the joy of achievement, the security and confidence that come from the results. When you look and feel your best it’s much easier to live your life to its fullest.

6 Weeks Transformation Challenge (win £400 in prizes)


Diet Plan

Diet review

Supplement advice

Ongoing support


2x45min PT per week

Online training plan

Tailored to your ability

Designed to meet your goal



Weekly Measurements

Flexibility assessment

Ongoing support

£400 worth of prizes


The theory of transforming your body is pretty simple, but the hardest part is to put that theory into practice. Gintas will make a tailored plan for every individual, which fits their current lifestyle. If you are struggling with the diet, he will provide you with steps and choices which you need to make to fit the diet around your life. If you are struggling with exercise Gintas will create a bespoke plan how to get you moving and get you fitter. You will go through your weekly schedule and Gintas will work around you to make sure you reach your goals.

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Omar Takriti

Excellent personal training sessions that I would highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and tailored to ones individual needs, as well as being highly flexible to fit a varying schedule. Sessions are mixed to maintain interest and avoid repetition, and have so far been very enjoyable helped by Gintas's great motivational skills. Extremely pleased so far and hope to continue the training for a long time!

Sarah Campbell

Gintas can be a hard taskmaster but he makes training fun too and I could really see the results after a few weeks. He gives great tips along the way on both health and nutrition. If you want to work hard and have the commitment with great results then book with GI Training, you won't regret it!

Thomas Kelly

If you're looking for excellent results in a short space of time, Gintas is the man for the job! As long as you're willing to put the graft in as there will be plenty of it, you will soon notice the improvements in one's strength,fitness, body size or whatever you are looking to achieve. Gintas's sessions are always varied keeping motivation high whilst exerting muscles you won't even know you had! Top man!

Ryan Wylie

Gintas has got me mixing up each of my training sessions to focus on different muscles, he's helping me get my diet right for what I want and without being aggressive knows when he can put a bit more pressure on the workout. He keeps the workout interesting and helps to keep you motivated. I've got more energy and focus after just a few weeks. It's worth chatting to Gintas about what you want to achieve as I'm sure he'll be able to help you.

Imogen Walker

I've noticed a real difference in the way I look and feel since starting to training with Gintas. I'd recommend him to anyone, whether they're staring a basic fitness routine or, like me, have been exercising for years but have got stuck in a rut. It's hard work but fun, and every session is different, which means it's never boring. Definitely worth it

Gavin Houghton

I didn't have the discipline to do an hour work out twice a week and really work hard, so I arranged for a personal trainer. Gintas works out a different session every time, which is really great for not getting bored and he's very good at keeping up the pressure without being hard. I have definitely started to see changes in my body and have more energy. I would highly recommend Gintas

Victoria Adams

Training with Gintas has totally transformed my outlook on physical fitness. His training sessions are intensive, effective, and are showing great results. Gintas keeps it fun yet challenging with sessions that are never the same, and he pushes me to a point in training that I could not reach alone. Thanks to his help with training and diet, the results I’ve achieved so far with Gintas are far better than those achieved on my own or with any other trainer in the past. If you want to work hard, be pushed and get results then Gintas is the trainer for you. Cannot recommend him enough!

Morgan McSweeney

I can't recommend Gintas highly enough. I started working with him to get into better shape and in just a few short weeks I have noticed a big difference. Gintas is an outstanding instructor and has an in-depth understanding of fitness, techniques and diet.

Gareth Hazzelby

Although I had been a regular gym goer for almost a year, I was starting to loose momentum and enthusiasm, and realised that I needed some assistance to help get more out of my visits, otherwise I'd probably end up by not going at all. This is when i got in touch with Gintas. After just a few sessions I started to notice a difference, with a change in shape, weight loss and increased fitness levels, and improved balance and co-ordination. Gintas ensures every session is different, challenging and importantly for me never boring. As someone who is not naturally sporty or athletic, Gintas's patience and perseverance has been important. He knows when it it is the right time for me to move on to the next level, as a result I have attained targets that I would never have considered trying. I'd happily recommend Gintas to anyone, be they novices or an experienced gym user who needs an overhaul their regular exercise regime.

Vladimir Woodham-Smith

I am a 200-800m runner and for a long time have only trained on the track and realised that eventually I was starting to lose races due to lack of power. This all changed when I met Gintas. We had two intense sessions followed by a carefully constructed strength training regime, along with advice on diet for the sessions and general life. The results have been almost instantly spectacular. After the first two weeks I had already dropped a second from my 200m time just in training and feeling faster than ever. I would reccomend Gintas' training to anyone serious about their sport or who simply want to get fit!

Tess Alexander

I won half an hour personal training in a gym time challenge and decided to keep on training with Gintas. He is happy to work with my schedule, and also modifies exercises to take into account the rheumatoid arthritis I have in my hands. Instead of being afraid of free weights and sticking to cardio, I now have a really varied gym programme and lots of options I can use when training in my spare time - so I don't get bored or demotivated. He also gives diet and training advice so I can make the most of it during the week and I have definitely got stronger and fitter.

Charlotte Smith

Training with Gintas is fantastic as he pushes me to my limit and even more, every day that I train with him is different, intense and yet fun. I have learned a lot, how to manage my food and to eating right. Since I’ve been training with Gintas my health has improved and I feel a real change and that I have more energy than before. Having someone to push me further and further has kept me motervied and inspire to kept my fitness up and I would recommend him to anyone who struggles with keeping up there fitness.

Amy Johnson

If you want to get fit and see results immediately meanwhile have unreal, challenging and fun workouts than look no further. Gintas is an amazing trainer, natural motivator and creates incredible sessions, every one different from the last. I look forward to every session I have! If you are looking to get fit, improve your overall health and have a great time doing than look no further GI Training is the right choice for you. You won’t regret it, trust me!

Joanna Cotton

A brilliant experience! Gintas is a great trainer and really pushes you, but without being one of those nasty shouting types. He makes you work above and beyond and you definitely feel as if you’ve done something the next day. He keeps the work outs varied and interesting, so there’s no risk of getting bored.

Susie Mowat

As someone who was exercise-adverse for years, I first started to go to the gym regularly in January 2012. After 9 months of exercising and not feeling I was getting much benefit, I opted for a personal trainer and found Gintas. He assessed my motivations and helped me to set achievable goals and taught me about nutrition and how my body uses the energy I provide it. While I didn't consider myself massively overweight, I wanted to lose a few kilos, tone up and improve my overall levels of fitness. I have lost approx 10kg and feel better about my body than I have for at least 10 years! Gintas (and his friendly but serious approach to training) has been great at keeping me motivated and supporting me to achieve my goals...not an easy task at the best of times! In addition, he is both reliable and flexible, allowing me to work my fitness routine into my busy schedule. An excellent trainer and one of the best investments I've made in a long time!

Annalise Jenkins

In August I decided to invest in personal training in preparation for my wedding in November. I was very conscious about looking good on my wedding day so my objective was to both lose weight and tone up so I could feel confident and ensure I was happy with how I looked in my wedding pictures. At my 1st session Gintas identified key areas for us to work on and specifically how to make all of them slimmer and tighter. I trained with Gintas once a week and saw changes in my body after just a couple of months. The sessions are always varied targeting different areas, trying new exercises so I always felt like I was being challenged. My fitness improved dramatically. Gintas also gave me great nutritional information to ensure my diet supported my training and weight loss goal and by my wedding I had not only hit my weight loss target, I had toned up dramatically.

Connie Valaetis

Very motivating and knowledgable on all things fitness & health. Additional support given if requested. He really wants you to achieve your goal of improving your fitness, health and of course your ideal body.

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