If You're Frustrated or Disappointed with the Way Your Body Looks and Feels… This programme is just for You...

This programme 100% Guaranteed to Melt Away 6 to 12 Kilos of Stubborn Body Fat in Just 6 Weeks!


This programme is designed to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Building muscle helps you to burn fat, every 1kg of muscle you put on will be burning extra 25cal per day while you are resting. Interval training helps you to burn more fat for 36h after you finished the workout. Steady phase cardio helps you to burn fat while you are doing the cardio. Magic happens when you combine all these 3 together and add good nutrition to it.


Don't listen to the nonsense like:

You don't have to stick to the diet

You don't have to work out hard

You don't need to follow the plan

You don't need to do cardio

Easy way to lose fat....

Easy way to build muscle...

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But the truth is... You have to train hard, do the cardio, follow the plan have your set goals, follow the diet. There consequences if you don't do these things.


Bad diet - you don't supplement your body with good nutrition or eat the wrong food which will make you put on fat even when you training

No goals - You are driving a car without knowing where you need to go, that means you will get nowhere.

No plan - it will take you forever to get to the destination you want without knowing the road

No cardio - your hear will be weak, your calorie body wont be switched on for fat burning, you won't be able to do heavy weight training with bad oxygen supply.

You don't train hard - your body is a clever machine and can adopt to many things, if you don't push your body to the new limits, your body doesn't need to improve and adopt.



What You Can Expect:

Lose 6-12kg weight

Lose fat

Gain muscle

Get stronger

Get fitter

Have more energy

Be more mobile

Gain confidance

What You Will Get:

Online coaching

Diet plan

Workout programme


Diet check up

Measurement tracking

Progress Tracking

Mobile App


Personal Trainer Gintas

Please select what time you are available for a consultation call. I have limited time so places are limited to 40 participants at the time.

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